17.10.2016 – 15.01.2017


Martin Franke


The realization that man ornaments his existence with consumption-oriented decorations becomes a motif. With his sometimes strongly ornamented language of shapes, the artist expresses his central theme, always with new approaches: The relationship between the individual and the collective in a capitalist society controlled by political parties and business interests. His observations allowed him to painfully experience for himself that the freedom of the individual and the associated isolation as a result of material addictions and applications on the part of mankind has become an application in itself, which simultaneously means the loss of society and togetherness. However, he says “The feeling of safety is now only perceived within your own four walls, in the isolation of its accumulated applications. The price of this is the pressure to perform, as well as the pressure for uniformity of the economic collective, until its autonomy is surrendered, along with the associated perception and the required opposition.” A person’s own consciousness is created by Likes from others.



Photo Credits

Alpha, wen hast du lieb, 2009, Foto: Martin Franke
Die Erschaffung der Welt, 2012, Foto: Martin Franke
Elle lacht, seht mom Molke Mus, 2010, Foto: Martin Franke
Genuss der Heloten, 2012, Foto: Martin Franke
Kant, 2013,
Foto: Martin Franke
Lust der Heloten, 2012, Foto: Martin Franke
Nine Bounth bc, 2011, Foto: Martin Franke
Prieuré de sion, 2012, Foto: Martin Franke
Princess in, 2013, Foto: Martin Franke
Stimmvieh, 2007, Foto: Martin Franke
The four scientists, 2012, Foto: Martin Franke
Wissen darum, 2011, Foto: Martin Franke

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