The Gallery

An extraordinary location for extraordinary art

The changing exhibits as well as opening events, closing events, and private meetings are intended for open-minded art collectors who are visiting Munich or who live in Munich, and potential NEW art collectors, people who have learned to think outside of the box and have an internal need to strive for a standard of living that is out of the ordinary. People who have acknowledged that art is an expansion and source of inspiration, especially when it can be integrated into day-to-day life. The events planned by the himmel und himmel team are consciously directed towards art and art collections.

The himmel und himmel Gallery, located in the rear building at Müllerstraße 45, offers a location with an unusual interior design concept and a large social room with plenty of space for established and unknown artists who always want their works to be displayed in an independent, profound, and authentic way. Each of the artists we represent, both famous and unknown, stand for the highest quality of creativity and have reached museum standards with their works.